Scope of Journal
Journal of Nepal Hydrogeological Association (JNHA) publishes original research articles, review articles and case studies in the field of hydrogeology, including hydrogeological assessment, exploration, exploitation, management; ground water quality and pollution; surface and groundwater interaction; impact of climate change to groundwater; groundwater issues; policies and laws related to groundwater etc.
Manuscript Submission
Manuscripts submitted to JNHA must not have been published or accepted for publication, or be under consideration elsewhere. All the authors mentioned in the manuscript should have agreed upon its submission to JNHA. Author(s) have to submit manuscripts in Microsoft word file as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at: Every manuscript should contain the covering letter, which includes the corresponding author’s full address and telephone numbers and should be in an e-mail message sent to the Editor, with the file. The authors may also suggest panel of two to three reviewers. However, the Editorial board of JNHA will have final decision to designate reviewers.
Review Process
All manuscripts are reviewed by the editorial board and if found suitable for JNHA, reviewers (at least two) will be assigned. Authors will receive reviewer’s comments within a couple of weeks (not later than 1 month after first submission). It is the responsibility of author to make required corrections as per reviewer’s comment within 1 month after receiving the reviewer’s comments. Once the revised manuscript is received from the author, it will be again sent to reviewers to ensure whether their suggestions are incorporated and author satisfactorily responded to their queries in the revised version. If the author fails to revise satisfactorily even after two successive communications, the manuscript will be rejected. After receiving the positive remarks from the reviewers, the revised version of the manuscript in MSWord format will be paginated, formatted and converted to pdf and sent to author for proof reading. The author should check only for typographical or formatting errors (no significant correction on the text will be made at this stage) and respond to the editorial board within 5 days. After rectifying the errors, the updated version of the manuscript will be produced and the article will be uploaded to NHA website to appear online that will be freely accessible to everyone. Normally, the reviewing process takes around two months. However, it depends on how adequately and promptly the authors take part in reviewing process.
Types of Manuscripts
Research Articles
Original research documenting set of procedure results in research articles. Author(s) present research findings through documents with quality content and original illustrations.
Review Articles
Author(s) present their research on a particular topic by searching other articles which could say secondary literature search. It may not be the experimental findings of the author(s).
Case Study
Individual units such as a person, a group, and an event, when followed by the thorough analysis, is referred either case study or case report. It may be either descriptive or explanatory.
Article Processing Fee
NHA being a professional organization feels its responsibility to contribute to the society through disseminating the information related to hydrogeology. The publication of the Journal is also a part of its scientific contribution. There is no article processing fee is imposed to authors, the Association bears all cost related to online publication of the journal.

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